Why Is It Rude To Wear A Hat Inside?

don drapper

There was a time when a man or woman wasn’t “fully dressed” without a hat. Wearing a hat was akin to putting on your shoes to leave the house. My dad told me before I was born most men would wear fancy fedoras to go with their suits at the bank. So what is so rude about covering your head indoors especially when woman can show cleavage?

One woman told me that it is not practical to wear a hat inside because hats are meant for the weather. I told her, now a days, we wear hats more for style than function. Think about it, its acceptable for people to wear scarves inside on a warm summer day. Some people even wear Sun Glasses inside, keeping them on their face because it is stylish. Yet if you wear a hat inside, people make a big deal about it.

I have been doing some research on the issue and it seems as though the real reason carries on from the reason why men tipped their hats back in the old days. It was a sign of respect showing you were clean and didn’t have any bugs! Yes, bugs, such as lice I assume. That is why men tipped their hats to women and removed their hats when they were inside. men also wore things like top hats, bowlers,etc and the level of casualness was not that of a baseball cap. It’s now considered rude because hats are menat to be casual or for warnth.

We also have to remove our hats during the National Anthem as if that will make you that much more patriotic. When you are in a religous building, one has to remove their hat as if it is blocking your connection to a higher power.

And why is wearing a hat attributed to covering baldness? Yes, there are men who wear hats to cover baldness, but some men wear hats just because they simply like wearing hats. It shouldn’t be a sign of insecurity as it is today. hats add that much more style to your look, and somewhat speaks on your personality.

The only sound arguement I have ever heard explaining why hats shouldn’t be worn inside is that some people aren’t too keen on seeing the eyes of the person to whom they’re speaking with, and it’s rather difficult with a hat brim covering the face. That does make sense, however, i will say its not that big of a deal. Unless the person is deliberatly trying to cover their face by tilting their hat forward and down to cover their face, I have never had a problem seeing someone’s face when i speak to them. It’s not like the brim of your hat extends 2 feet outward like an oversized Sombrero.

So in conclusion, I’d say that people need to relax on the issue. Its really not a big deal. I can understand not wanting someone to wear a baseball cap in a formal setting, but someone wearing a formal hat in a formal occasion isn’t a big deal. As long as you are dressed accordingly with regard to your environment and scenario, I think we oughta lay of the hat criticsim.

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  • Amishdoc

    Hi, just came across your post by accident but thought I would put my two cents in.  I know that wearing a hat does not mean what it use to but when I was growing up and especially with my parents generation, removing your hat (if you were a man) was a sign of respect.  The tipping of the hat when outdoors, respect.  Taking your hat off when praying or saying a pledge or singing our countries anthem, respect.  I think it probably goes back to  passages in the Bible that talk about a man not praying with his head covered to honor God.  If you will notice military personnel still remove their hat as an act of respect.  I think it is sad that we as a culture have lost a way of showing respect to one another.  While it may be fashionable to leave your hat on indoors it strikes a bad note with the older generation who deserve our respect. Well, enough of my two cents.  Maybe you should revive the fashion of yesteryear and start a new trend of removing the hat once again and really shock some people.  :)