Christophe Claret X TREM


The latest watch from Christophe Claret is an intriguing technical marvel.
Metal balls that appear to magically float inside two Sapphire tubes are used to indicate the time. The balls have hollow cores and float due to magnetic fields, these are generated by two miniature magnets towed by silk cables and located inside the watch.

The silk is fine but braided and very strong, the type used in  reconstructive surgery.
The resistance of the silk was tested using a time-lapse system to the equivalent of 6 years.
The magnet, traditionally the enemy of mechanical watches in this case is a willing accomplice in the watch`s movement. The magnets are specialized and used in a way that don’t effect the running of the watch detrimentally.

A flying tourbillon adds further visual interest, it uses dual ceramic ball bearings to increase its resistance to shocks. It is inclined to 30 degrees to make it more visible to the wearer.
The X TREM is also readable in the dark thanks to SuperLumiNova strips placed along each of the tubes. The movement contains 419 parts and has a power reserve of about 50 hours. Double fold-out crowns on the back of the watch are used for winding and setting the watch.

The Accessory Theorist