Stussy Deluxe with Alex Turnbull Spring/Summer 2012 Lookbook


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enter Although this look book ofcourse is not entirely Mens Wear Accessories, there are very noticeable well designed Accessory pieces in this collection, especially the bags.
Stussy Deluxe, is said to be alone with his style of man, more mature than the basic line. And ‘the simple conclusion to be drawn once finished watching the video above. Stussy Deluxe is a brand to appeal to the older participants of the “Tribe” as we understand Alex Turnbull, the protagonist of the shooting.
Turnbull former skater, producer, dj of the most successful filmmakers in the London scene, and today is part of the Stussy crew formed 30 years ago, the Stussy Tribe, with different passions, but aggregated by a brand. A key figure and inspiration for his friend Shawn Stussy and brand, among the first to sponsor musical artists.
The Collection is on sale at the online store.

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