Svend Andersen Watch

svnd Anderson watch

This distinctive second generation Montre à Tact, a piece unique complete with custom Tiger motif. The design is  inspired by a pocket-watch invented in 1798 by the great Abraham Louis Breguet, which allowed the user to discreetly ‘feel the time’ without having to rudely pull their watch out in public. In the same way Andersen’s Montre à Tact features a small window on the side of the case between the lower lugs at 6 o’clock, allowing for a clear view of the time without requiring you to turn your wrist. The 18k white gold/gold 42mm case is unusual also in the sense that it does not have a crown and so must be kept in its box on the revolving support when not worn. The Tiger on the dial has been hand-painted by an artist in Paris and the piece is dated at around 2004. Starting price is a little higher than the other two, although not prohibitively so, at 98,000kr or US$14,300.

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