Profound Aesthetic


I stumbled across this brand, once again recommended by a fellow Hypebeast forum member (these forums always got the scoop on everything). As I was browsing through the site, I was very impressed with the pieces they had in their collection. I immediately purchased one of their shirts and hats. The artistry of the designs are captivating and original. I definitely recommend this to anyone looking to be seen in original aesthetics. So let me finish by relaying what the brand represents in their own words.

Profound Aesthetic is a clothing brand founded on the bona fide love of two things: everything art and the love of wisdom. It is a creative outlet of expression that carries weight with tremendous metaphoric connotation, delivered to the masses through the universal language of art.

Designed to inspire and spark innovation, each piece is carefully thought out to depict not only a visually appealing garment but also a powerful concept. This distinct combination defines the brilliance of The Profound Aesthetic Movement. Rendering a positive message, pushing the limits of intellectual creativity to fit an eclectic taste in fashion and mind. The result is a distinguished product transcending all boundaries, for every citizen of humanity.

More info about Profound Aesthetic here.


The Accessory Theorist