Alonso Mateo – The Fashion Forward Kid


Discovered on instagram, his mother posts photos of him on the popular picture app, and at four years old, Alonso Mateo is well traveled, cultured, and dressed. He has a hefty stamp collection…. on his passport. He says he finds inspiration for his style in the paintings of René Magritte, “the singer from the group, Fun, in the ‘We Are Young’ music video” and from his father. More importantly it is Alonso’s mother who is equally eclectic who shops with Mateo helping him coordinate his daily ensembles. His mother explained explained that she initially noticed her son’s interest in good style when she “would put a scarf or a beanie on him and he wouldn’t mind. After a while…When he was 3 almost 4…He started asking me for bowties and suits!” ?? Check out some of Alonso’s favorite fall pieces below and follow him on Instagram (@luisafere) and watch this little guy’s style evolve.



The Accessory Theorist