Harem Tie by Ulterior Motive

harem tie

This tie will bring positive vibes to anybody no matter how, where, or when it is worn.

Red roses is probably one of the most used images of romance and love. No wonder since they have a radiance and beauty about them that really is unparalleled in the floral kingdom.

Measures 6 cm at tip, 145 cm long in total. Available here.

Material: Woven Microfiber

“In 2006 I founded Ulterior Motive with the ambition to make fashion accessories for men. The initiating force was, as not uncommon with new ideas, frustration. There simply wasn’t enough good designed products out there. Ties are, and have in the brief history of the company always been, an important part of our product range. When it comes to ties, our philosophy is that you can wear a tie almost anytime. We believe the reason why (almost) nobody does this today is that the ties that you find in stores are either meant for business or dinner parties. Our question is – why can’t you have a tie at the weekend barbeque?”

J Baran