OverTheFly Astro Belts


A start up fashion brand between two young gentlemen who became friends in high school. They both had a vision and saw OverTheFly as an opportunity. Between the two of them, they have a strong interest in fashion and entrepreneurship and they’ve never seen a major trend in waist apparel, prompting them to bring something new, the Astro Belt. Astro Belt is fashion accessory brand specializing in interchangeable belts and belt buckles enabling the owner to create an endless number of color ways. It’s versatile no matter what the occasion is. Their conservative colors can give you a more formal look, or you can use their bold color combinations to stand out and be flashy. They are waterproof, durable, 100% recyclable, animal-friendly, and one size fits all made for everyone. Whether you grow your own collection or trade buckles with a friend, Astro Belts will always leave you looking OverTheFly. Belts and Buckles available here.

J Baran