Rossling & Co Ultra Thin Watches & Tweed Strap


Rossling & Co has spent the last year working on an ultra-thin watch, with a unique tweed strap. This started out as a search for the perfect watch: affordable, versatile, and, of course, beautiful. Their disappointment with what was available led to the idea that they should design and make their own line of watches. After months of sketching out designs, researching and experimenting with different materials, building and testing prototypes, and finally working with various suppliers and manufacturers, they’re now ready to offer their watches, exclusively on Kickstarter.

The Design Process

When they started designing this watch, they had 3 goals in mind:

  • Affordability (keep the price under $250)
  • Versatility (wearable with both casual and dress outfits)
  • Style (that classic, timeless look)

After talking to various suppliers and manufacturers, Rossling & Co found that they would still be able to achieve the affordability goal by using the best materials and components: stainless steel case, sapphire crystal, and Swiss quartz movement. They were really excited that they wouldn’t have to compromise quality, and so, they hit the sketch pad right away.

To achieve versatility with their design, they decided that it was best to keep the case size reasonable. The fashion start up found that at 40mm, it was the perfect case diameter: not too large for a dress watch, not too small for casual. It is also a perfect size for both women and men.

Another critical element of versatility was the strap. Leather straps are beautiful on dress watches, but they don’t feel very casual. Nylon or canvas straps are really nice but they are way too casual to wear in a formal setting. So, they decided to go with a material that is known for its versatility and its use in luxury fashion: tweed. With the help of a strap maker, Rossling & Co developed a unique strap made of tweed, with leather backing for comfort.

As for the style, they took their inspiration from different trends, especially from European styles of the 1920’s and 1930’s. They drew a lot of different models and received feedback from a lot of friends to help uthem decide on a particular direction.

To achieve a classic, timeless look, the young watch makers had to remove all unnecessary distractions so common in modern watches. They took the “less-is-more” approach, and used a classic watch design language. They were able to slim down the case thickness to just under 7mm by using a special manufacturing process.

With their final sketches done, they sent them to a watch manufacturer who converted them to CAD technical drawings. After they confirmed the technical drawings, the manufacturer machined a set of molds that would be used to fabricate the watch case, and other components from raw stainless steel.

The different parts of the watch were plated and/or polished to a mirror finish. A complete set of prototypes were built for Rossling & Co to inspect and validate the design. When they received the prototypes, they were extremely happy with how they looked and felt on their wrist. In simple words, they loved it!

And so can you.

You can choose between 4 color combinations:

  • Gold case & Black dial
  • Silver case & Black dial
  • Gold case & White dial
  • Silver case & White dial


  • Case diameter: 40 mm
  • Case thickness: 7 mm
  • 20 mm lug width (strap)
  • Sapphire crystal (scratch resistant)
  • Stainless steel 316L case & caseback
  • Swiss movement (Ronda 1069) with small second
  • 20 mm Tweed strap, with leather backing
  • 3 ATM (30 m) water resistant

In addition to coming up with a stellar design. These guys need your support. They have started an kickstarted campaign to crowd fund the product costs of the watch and straps. It is worth checking out and considering for anyone who is a watch enthusiast, let alone anyone who appreciates fashion and innovation. You Can view their kickstarted campaign here.

J Baran