stratus by oblako – A Watch With A Customizable Titanium Face


This company is run by 2 guys who love the idea of customization, which is why they want to build their company around the idea of customizable watches. Every stratus face is made from repurposed aerospace grade titanium. It is cleaned and polished back to it’s former brilliance before the face designs are applied using a laser. Every oblako stratus comes with a spring bar tool so you can interchange watch bands yourself. The stratus body is made out of stainless steel and is water resistant to 50m. It’s classical shape allows the watch to be dressed up or down depending on the design, band and face color. The dimensions of the watch make it a good size for men, but it can also be worn comfortably as an oversized watch for women. The viewing window is made from sapphire crystal. This material allows for superior light transmission with the least amount of distortion. This compliments the unique properties of the titanium to produce a look unlike any other watch. SOne won’t have to worry about scratches since Sapphire is a very hard material.

You can create your own watch face design using their templates, no experience necessary. Or you can select from a variety of designs from their ever growing catalogue. If you are a savvy designer you can get involved in their design competitions as well.

Check out the designs from their catalogue here or learn about designing your own watch face here. Also be sure to view  their KickStarter campaign here and give these innovative watch makers your support.

J Baran