Ikiré Jones

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Ikiré Jones makes clothing for adventurous people.  They are proud of what they do, because none of it is done in the shadows.  Whereas, the industry norm calls for dungeon-like conditions to house faceless workers who have been left with little choice but to accept subservient wages while shoveling mediocre products out the door, their textiles are designed with their daughters playing at their feet.  Their sport coats are tailored while their mothers look-on and fuss on the rare occasion that they miss a detail.  Their scarves are concocted while their wives remind them that not missing dinner with family is more important than almost everything else.

Story-telling is important to them.  There is magic in the idea that every item they produce means something; and more importantly, means something different to different people.  They strive to give each piece an identity and history of its own.  It is their hope that these small pieces of (often-invented) history will give the wearer a story to tell, a place to visit, and a new memory to create.

The things that they make may not be widely accepted as beautiful to everyone, but they will be fiercely embraced as beautiful by a special few.  It is for people like you that they work so hard for.  It is because of dreams like yours, and theirs, that they have chosen to brave this path.  It is because they know that someone has to make things better, and that it might as well be them.  This is why they are the makers of Ikiré Jones.

Their scarves and pocket squares can be viewed at: www.ikirejones.com

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